Ron Louro

President & CEO

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(401) 289-0603


Ron is a General Contractor / Builder by trade, but he has always had the dream to invent a consumer goods product.  As an owner of other successful companies, Ron started MT Enterprises in 2013 with the goal of bringing other innovative pet accessories to the consumer marketplace.

Ron’s own dog Tucker was the inspiration for the Pull-Eze™ No-Pull Harness and continues to be a important part of the team.






What Our Customers Say!

“Got a Pull-eze™ because our dog pulled so terribly I fell walking him while carrying my daughter. We had adopted him from very nice people, however they never trained him or put any restrictions on him.

Walking him was not enjoyable. Now it is amazing.

Anytime he tries to pull he immediately stops on his own. Walking him is safer and fun now.”

-Kelly-Lynne W.