The No-Pull™ Harness & Leash in One!

Available in 3 Colors

Pull-eze™ Blue

Pull-eze™ Red

Pull-eze™ Black

Fits most dogs weighing up to 100 pounds!


A common myth is that dogs pull on leash because they are trying to be “dominant” and “lead the pack.”

  • Dogs pull on the leash because it works – it gets them where they want to go. They do what feels good for them. They are also practical – they do what works.
  • Lack of training is the number one reason dogs pull on the leash.
  • Dogs gravitate toward things that are interesting to them!
  • Certain equipment can actually contribute to pulling behaviors.

When using other types of leashes, training a dog to stop pulling often results in a tug of war with the dog, ultimately reinforcing the unwanted behavior. But when using the Pull-eze™ no-pull harness and leash in one, you will find better control over your dog with less frustration. The Pull-Eze™ is not only easy to use but also elevates the “backing out of leash” concern you may have with other products on the market.

Start using the Pull-Eze™ no-pull harness & dog leash in one… today!

  • Easy to use
  • Works with any collar
  • Instant fit


  • No Pull Leash Pull-Eze™
  • No Pull Dog Harness
  • No Pull Dog Leash
  • No-Pull Leash
  • No-Pull Harness
  • No Pull Dog Leash
  • No Pull Dog Harness
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  • No Pull Harness
  • No-Pull Dog Leash Pull-Eze™
  • No-Pull Leash Pull-Eze™
  • No Pull Dog Leash Pull-Eze™

How to Use Simply attach the metal clip to your dog’s existing collar, loop the leash under and around the dog’s chest then click the patented buckling system and adjust the slack clip down the leash close to the buckle so the leash stays snug against your dog’s chest.

You are now ready to go for a walk!

The no-pull harness will temporarily apply gentle pressure around the dog when tugging or pulling to discourage aggressive and unwanted behavior.


Please take a moment to view our demo on proper fitting & use: